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                   Welcome to the month of June/ JULY

 Up Coming Preschool Themes and Letter of the Week


      Theme: Outdoors, Camping, And Recycling



Color of the month: Blue/Azul Red/Rojo, and White/Blanco

 Letters of the week: Qq and Rr

Number of the Month: Ten/Diez

Shape of the Month: Star/ Estrella

Preschool  This week we are talking about what we like about Outdoors. We will also discuss what supplies we need to go camping and where we go to camp. We will talk about the different ways we can take care of our outdoors to keep it looking beautiful. On Friday July 25th is go Green Day.

Grade School

Our grade school kids are having a great time with all of the field trips and swimming. Our next two activities are a Magician Monday July21st and John's Pizza Wednesday July 23rd. On Friday July 25th is go Green Day.


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Jul 15, 2014
our trip to cal-skate
The kids had fun skating with their friends and playing games while skating. - SEE MORE
Jul 10, 2014
our day at black beards
The kids had lots of fun riding the rides and playing the games at the arcade. - SEE MORE
Jul 08, 2014
Preschool kids using their imagination
The preschool kids were having a great time playing like they were doctors,nurses,animals and princesses. - SEE MORE
Jul 08, 2014
Pirate Day
Pirate day was a big success! We had lots of pirates running around the center. - SEE MORE
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